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Declaration D-101 of the income tax

All taxpayers must submit the D-101 declaration of income tax for the fiscal period 2023 no later than March 15.

Independent professionals pay a variable percentage of income tax according to their net income, while legal entities have a general rate of 30 percent, unless they are SMEs with annual revenue less than ₡122,145,000.00 colones.

Non-compliance can result in fines and penalties, including half of the minimum wage for failing to submit the D-101 declaration and interest for not paying the tax.

D101 penalties an finess if you don’t pay

If you do not have the money to pay, you can do so after March 15, but you will incur interest of 10.1 percent and a penalty for late payment of 1 percent per month or fraction of a month of delay in paying the tax, up to 20 percent.

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