Venegas Nexia



Financial Audit

The financial audit services include verification of financial statements, evaluation of internal control, compliance review, risk analysis, and financial and strategic advice.


Accounting services include bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, financial analysis, tax planning, payroll management, and accounting and financial advice. Accounting is a critical function in any business as it helps with financial management and strategic decision-making.

Outsourcing of corporate services

Outsourcing of corporate services can include a wide range of services, from accounting and finance services, internal control, payroll, and vendor payments, to tax filing services, physical inventory and fixed asset counts, and transfer pricing. By outsourcing these services, our clients can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and focus on their core business.

Tax, administrative, labor, and legal advice.

This service is for companies seeking guidance and advice on tax, administrative, labor, and legal matters, among other legal aspects, as it allows them to obtain a broader and expert view on these issues. Additionally, professional advice can help companies make more informed and strategic decisions.

CPA/CPI certifications and attestations

The CPA/CPI certifications and attestations are specialized services we offer to provide public trust regarding the truthfulness and accuracy of the financial information of a particular organization or person.

Internal auditing and other reviews

Internal audit and other reviews are services that focus on the evaluation and analysis of an organization’s internal systems and processes with the aim of improving their efficiency, effectiveness, and internal control.