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Internal auditing and other reviews

Internal auditing and other reviews

Venegas Nexia Auditoría interna y otras revisiones

Internal audit and other reviews are services that focus on evaluating and analyzing an organization’s internal systems and processes with the goal of improving their efficiency, effectiveness, and internal control.


Internal audit is a systematic and disciplined process that seeks to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s internal control systems, risk management, and corporate governance. Internal audit services may include the evaluation of accounting and financial systems, review of operational processes and procedures, analysis of risks, and identification of improvement opportunities.


In addition to internal audit, there are other reviews that can be performed by an external auditor or consultant, such as business process review, regulatory compliance review, information security review, and risk management review. These reviews are designed to assess and improve an organization’s processes and procedures, identify risks and improvement opportunities, and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

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